Ticket Booking

Below are the ticket options:
Full event tickets, Non-workshop tickets

  1. Click on "book now" for your ticket option and you will then be able to complete your ABC Booking Form online.
  2. After you have completed the details, an email will be sent to African Beats with your details. You will receive an email from abc.bookings@hartbeats.co.uk to confirm that we have received your form.
  3. You will need to send payment separately - either by cheque or by direct transfer. We are not offering payment online because the main companies (e.g Paypal) that provide online payments charge a high percentage on top of your ticket price.
  4. A confirmation stating that we have received your payment will be sent to you via email. No tickets will be sent.
  5. When you arrive, your name and booking details will be checked and you will receive a wrist band.
  6. For multiple bookings, you will need to complete a Booking Form for each applicant. You can pay by cheque or direct transfer in one go.
  7. If paying by cheque:
    Cheque payable to African Beats
    Send to African Beats c/o 9 Tudor Court, King Street, Piddington, High Wycombe, Bucks/ HP14 3BZ

    If paying by direct bank transfer:
    Sort code 08 92 99  
    Account number 65395954   
    Co-operative Bank account name African Beats

    Remember to write your email address, a contact number and full name on the back of your cheque, or in the message field when making a bank transfer.


For Evening Only tickets, you can pay on the door (cash only please) see below for details.

Full event tickets:

Adult: £170
Workshops all day, camping, evening performances

Child age 11 - 15: £110
Adult level workshops all day, evening performances, camping

Child age 7 - 15: £60
3 x childrens' drumming workshops, evening performances, camping

If you are struggling financially and really unable to pay for your ABC ticket in one go, please contact us in confidence and we can discuss paying via instalments.

Non-workshop tickets:

Adult: £60
Child age 7 - 15: £30
Child age 0 - 6: free

This includes camping and evening performances. Workshops are not included.

Evening Only tickets for Saturday / Sunday / Monday:

Adult: £15
Child age 7 - 15: £7
Child age 0 - 6: free

These prices are per night. You can purchase your tickets on the door - cash only please. Evening Only tickets include onsite access from 6.30pm. Workshops and camping not included. The cafe and bar will be open.






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